Thursday, May 13, 2010

Blog Award!

Wohoo I have now recived my first nomination to a blog award! It's called The Master of Karate and Friendship award and I got it from NYC Island Gal! How cool isn't that! :) Thank you!!

I have actually had karate lessons some years ago, but only for a few of months. It was very fun however and you really got to train the whole body. Puh, exhausted just thinking about it! Master of friendship I don't know, right now I live on the opposite side of the continent from my friends, but I will be back soon!

I'm quite picky when it comes to which blogs I read. I start reading a lot of blogs, but if it's not updated enough, I loose interest. I do however read about 20 blogs a day and here are four blogs I think fit with the title (friendly and egdy) (with links):

I know I'm supposed to nominate five, but these fits best under the title. Thanks again!!


Angela Jensen said...


Island Gal said...

You welcome!!! ;)
Glad you liked it!!

You can put it on you sidebar as I did!

Kelly said...

Thank you - my first award!!