Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Last weeks mani

Last week I tried out the black Depend nr 039 that I bought together with the other ones. I have never had a black polish before and thought it would look very hard and that my hands would look pale. But I actually liked the look of it!

I thought of putting a white Konad on top of it, but changed my mind. Insted I used a thin layer of my Kiko Microglitter Turquoise (nr 298, yes I just found out, on the website, that they have names!) on top of it. It turned out great, but insted of looking blue on black, it looked dark green! Unfortenetly you can't see that on the pictues.. I know, I have to start taking pictures with the big camera..

Depend nr 30 and Kiko nr 298.

You can almost see a flash of green on the right one

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