Saturday, October 2, 2010

B to the L to the I to the N to the G!

As some of you know, my boyfriend Kasper and I celebrated our four year aniversity two weeks ago. Yesterday when he came home, I got these beauties:

The box looked like a small shoppingbag


The rings.

I got one thin ring in silver with a rose on in silver and white, one thin in gold with a gold rose on, and a large in silver with a black ball/bullet on that sparkles! As you can see there are three seperate rings, so you can combine them as you like.
I love them!


ma said...

Very pretty rings, cool combination! Kasper has very good taste.

Matilda Eklund said...

Jätte fina ringar, bra där Kasper! Grattis till er båda i efterskott till er båda, o tack för den fina kommentaren på facebook : )

Tilda said...

Oj, blev visst lite många till er båda där. Jag har inte helt vant mig vid min iphone än, heh. Storkram!