Sunday, October 24, 2010

Last weeks mani x2

Last weekend I wanted to try out one of the Depend polishes that I bought when my parents were here. I chose Depend nr 029; a purple shimmer polish. Or at least it looks purple in the bottle, but I found it more pink when on the nail. I used the ribbon in white from plate m59 on top.

It was a bit hard to adjust the ribbon to the middle of the nail, but the left had turned out ok.

I didn't really like the look though, a bit too girly and cute. So I put the Isadora polish I bought last week on top of the old mani:

Isadora 630 Sweet Violet

This one was a lot more like me. Darker and with a lovely purple shimmer, and I only needed one coat for it to cover the nail. It has the exact same color as our new towels (even though the camera made the towel pale!?). I think it will look good with a white Konad stamp on top, but I kept as it was this time.

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