Sunday, October 17, 2010

Last weeks mani

Here are some pictures of the manicure I wore last week. I used an "old" H&M polish that I haven't used in 2 years or so, together with white dots from Konad plate m79.

I'm glad that I kept this polish even if I thought two years ago that it was too dark and that it turned out more blue than I hoped. Because now I love it! Sometimes it looks a bit blue, other more purple and if you look close it is full with microglitter. The stamping this time was a bit tricky and some dots got divided.. But I liked the overall result; a darker polish with a cute finish.

H&M Mad about you

Because I always do my nails infront of the TV in the evenings, there are no sun to capture the microglitter, but if you enlarge the pic to the right you can see some on the ring finger nail.

Have a great week!

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