Sunday, October 31, 2010

This weekend's happenings

This Friday all the girls came and we had taco-night with nachos, fajitas, Coronas and everything that goes with it.

Yesterday (Saturday) started with brunch at Brooklyn together with Benjamin and Janni visiting from Denmark. We then showed them Helsingborg, who had decided to be on the good side and showed us some sun and beautiful colors on the trees. We then went to Väla shopping center outside Helsingborg and Kasper and I found some jars for tea and some other stuff (in a separate post). After a nice dinner of parmesan breaded halibut with avocado, rucola and sprouts, and my Swedish apple pie with ice cream, Kasper and I said farewell to the Danes and went clubbing with the gang.

Kasper and I in Slottsparken

Benjamin, me and Janni
Fika-break at Väla (fika is a Swedish word, both verb and noun, for having a coffee and something with it) with capuccino and raspberry/cardamom muffin).

Johanna and I

Today, I bit tired and confused of the time change (winter time) Kasper, Charlie and I went to the forest and I got some pictures with my new phone.

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