Thursday, October 7, 2010

Playing in the rain

Since I alreday had decided yesterday that I today was going to take Charlie the dog for a long walk in the forest before school, there was no turning back when I woke up and saw that it poured down rain..
So we got dressed up like kindergarden children with rainboots (well not Charlie) and rainwear, and headed out.

It's actually nice to be in the forest when it's raining, because the trees protect you. Also, there are no runners or old couples that Charlie potentially could trap with his long leash. He searched for rabbits, we took a look at Olympia and Fredriksdal, met kinder garden children and played in puddles.

This was Charlie this morning in bed. The Killer Dog!
(Or it was just his lip that had stuck on the tooth)

1 comment:

ma said...

Hmmm is there enough room for Kasper, or should he be worried after all? :)
A very cute dog anyway!