Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Some shopping..

Yes you guessed right, more polishes!! But also some other stuff :) Eyeko has some great prices right now in their webshop, where you get polishes for 3,5£/4€! And if you buy for more than 12€ you get the Vampira for free! Also the shipping is for free and you don't have to pay customs in EU. And isn't the name cute or what?

I got:
Lilac Polish - For Lovely Nails. A purple/lilac cream
Vintage Polish - For Elegant Nails. A light green cream

Chi Chi Polish - For Girlie Nails. A red/pink glitter polish
Indigo Polish - For Sultry Nails. Dark blue with blue microglitter

Vampira Polish - For Gothic Nails. A black polish with red microglitter

I also went past H&M today on my way home (this was before I knew that the package with the Eyeko had arrived), and got an other of the Isadora polishes that are on sale right now. This time I bought a purple with purple shimmer called Sweet Violet (nr 630).

Also, today I got a package from H&M with some stuff I had ordered from their webshop some weeks ago (of course all the things I had ordered came the same day!). I ordered a knitted scarf in petrol blue:

(yes I have to clean the mirror..)
I also got a top, but not sure if I'm going to keep it, so if I do, you will see it then ;)

And I also got this today:
What a lovely thing to spend almost 300sek (30€) on! I'm so excited too read this one (it says Our Economy)! Feel the irony..

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