Wednesday, September 15, 2010


This post is for Nick and my dad, who don't really enjoy the Monday Manicure posts as much as the rest of us ;) Now you can read about something else.

Ever since I was little I have been talking in my sleep (or at least that's what I have been told ;)). It usually starts around 30 minutes after I have fallen asleep and can consist of just noices or full sentences. I can even keep a discussion with another person, while sleeping. Normally, I don't remember anything the next day, or just the moment when I wake up.
When I was little, when we were on a holiday, my brother and I often shared room (like in hotels). Through the years he has developed the ability to respond to my crazyness (?) with sentences like "go to bed Viktoria", "you are sleeping Viktoria" "no, there is nothing there" etc! I also think that my boyfriend is starting to gain that same ability!

Furthermore, I'm also sleepwalking! And this is the scary part, at least for me. I thought it had stoped, but I was so wrong.. The last week I think I have been sleepwalking every night!
But how do I then know that I'm sleepwalking??
Well normally I wake up while walking, but it can also show by me waking up the next morning with clothes on!
I think it's linked with Kasper not being here during the weekdays, because I didn't walk during the weekend. I also walk more frequently when I'm stressed, which I have been these first weeks in school.

I'm just thinking; how far will I go? Walking around in the bedroom or waking up the next day with clothes on is fairy harmless. But what if I walk out of the bedroom? Or even further?!
The longest I've come was when I still was living at home. I dreamed that there was a fire and we had to get out. I went out of my bedroom, out in the hallway, down the stairs, got my shoes and started to put them on. Then I realized that the rest of my family wasn't coming and I woke up, feeling silly sitting in my pajamas and with one shoe on..

Now, when alone (at least in the weekdays), there is no one to stop me. What if I let Charlie the dog out? Or start the oven?

Well, enough with the wining; Does anyone know what to do??

Here a song about sleeping all day (yes I admit, I first thought he sang "sleepwalking..")

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Anonymous said...

What about the story of the cat in your bed...:)