Monday, September 27, 2010

The thing about time

Why is it that there never is enough time? Some days I really could use some extra hours, but since that's not possible (yet) I have to prioritize. It's just not enough time to both be in school, take Charlie for a long walk, go to the gym, make healthy and deliciuos food, study, meet friends and family and to have some relax time like TV, computer etc.

The last couple of years I have chosen not to focus on the gym part. But since my fitness level now is lower than a man in his 50s and I can't even come halfway up the hill to my house with bicycle, I have to re-prioritize. So last week I signed up at the gym, binding me for a year, paying the ridiculously high (?) amount of 300sek (around 30€) a month. Just so that I can sweat, use more of my not existing time and get tired.. ? Well hopefully I won't get ill as much as I do now and maybe even being able to cycle the whole way home! Positive thinking is da shit..

The question is; what will I have to remove to get time to go to the gym?


Kasper said...

please dont remove me :P

ma said...

Lol Kasper! But I don´t think you have to worry about that :)
Viktoria, my suggestion is some of the series on the TV...:)