Friday, July 30, 2010

Trip to Møns Klint

Before moving to Sweden, we had a week to spend in Denmark (this was 3 weeks ago). We stayed at Kasper's parents house, and one day we borrowed the car and went south of Copenhagen, to a place called Møns Klint (Cliffs of Møn). Møn is an island and the point facing east and the Baltic Sea are covered with white chalk cliffs. The highest point measures 123m above the sea! Read more here (in English).

We had made a little picnic basket and went down to the beach to eat and watch the cliffs and sea. As you can see, I didn't have the right type of shoes on for walking on the beach, so after our little lunch we went back up again. Easier said than done.. 500 or something steps in the stairs later we were back to the car. Eventhough the sun almost had passed by the beach and cliffs, it was very beautiful and powerful to see and I think I got some nice pictures (click to enlarge):

Going to Møn, typical Danish landscape

Walking down was no problem..
A part of a cliff called "The Queens Chair"


No walking shoes..

Møns Klint

Kasper and Charlie on the beach
Patterns in the cliffs

Me and Charlie
On our way back up trough the forest, and of course we chose the warmest day of the summer to climb stairs.

Have a nice weekend!

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Kasper said...

Who is that hot girl sitting on the beach with raybans on ? :P