Thursday, July 29, 2010

I'm back!

And I have so many blogtopics and pictures to show you! But I think I will devide them into different posts, but first an update.

As you know, we have now moved to Sweden, to Helsingborg, because I'm going to study at the University of Lund this fall. We have during our time in Barcelona had our old apartment in Denmark rented out, so the first week in Sweden, we didn't have any furniture (they were in the old apartment). But last weekend the guy who had rented our apartment moved to an other place, so we could move the furniture to Sweden. So at least now, we got furniture but there are still some movingboxes and things that need to be done.

There are just so many things that has to get taken care of when you move and especially to a "new" country. These are just a few: Registration, insurences, registration of dog, getting Internet, getting mobile nr, choosing health clinic, change address, choosing electrical supplier, signing contracts.....
And of course you have to find "your" new supermarket, farmacy, postoffice, petstore, health clinic,, hairdresser, pizzeria ;) etcetc

Well enough about the wining, I love moving to a new place and city, and I'm looking forward to live here in Helsingborg! Already liking it!

Now to something else. Charlie the dog has been to the hospital. After we had been in Denmark, picking up the furniture, he had started to cough and making through-up-movements when eating. So we called the hospital on Thuesday and went there Wednesday morning. The lady I talked to thought that maybe it was the "kennelcough" which is highly infectious, so we had to wait outside the hospital. I thought he had something in his throat, and I was right. He had got a thread (probably from a sock) around his tongue and down his throat.
They took him in and we went home. Unfortunally they didn't have time to operate the same day, so he had to stay during the night. They put him in anasthesia and then went down the throat to look. If the thread went all the way to the intestines, they had to open him up.
But luckely, it ended in the bowl so they could just pull it up again.

Puh. Poor Charlie, poor wallet, poor my nerves. We got him home today and he is fine, just tired.

Good to be home and is pleased to be allowed to be in the bed

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