Tuesday, August 17, 2010


After our week in Denmark with silver wedding, smal trips and meeting friends, it was finaly time for moving over to the other side of Öresund (the sound between Denmark and Sweden).
We had gotten our things from Barcelona and after collecting and filling the truck with as much things as possible from the Copenhagen apartment, we went with the ferry from Helsingør to Helsingborg.

Bye Bye Denmark (Kronborg castle in Helsingør)

Going with the ferry. Kasper's dad, Kasper and Charlie the dog

Hello Helsingborg!

For about 10 days we lived with no furniture, because they were still in the Copenhagen apartment. Well we had bought a new bed and we had our balcony table and chairs from Barcelona, so we managed ;) But then 10 days later we went back to Denmark to collect the last things and filled up an other truck with stuff. The following days we spent unpacking, going back and forth to IKEA and orginazing in the basement. Since we had had a leak in the basement in Copenhagen where a lot of things had been distroyed, we now have nothing on the floor! All my "old" books, that I had planned to sell from veterinary-school were distroyed.. Thousands of Dansih crowns just thrown away.. :(

In between everything, we have been exploring Helsingborg and doing walks with Charlie the dog. Helsingborg is one of Scandinavias oldest cities, dating back to the vikings (10th century).

The cityhall

Kärnan. What's left of an medievel castle

Looking over the city, with Denmark on the other side and the cityhall in front

Me and Charlie (yes, look for his head in the hole to the left) with Öresund in the background.
Kärnan seen from Stortorget.

Charlie enjoying the Swedish summer

Öresund with Denmark on the other side

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KarenD said...

So nice to see Charlie enjoying himself! I've never visited any Denmark or Sweden or anywhere close, but your pictures make me want to.