Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mixed tape from week 31

In week 31, when Kasper's parents where on a holiday, we got to borrow the car. Here comes some pictures from that week:

The first days we went to visit my grandmother who lives in Gothenburg, together with my brother Oscar and his girlfriend Moa (well they don't live with my grabdmother, but they were visiting aswell.. you get it). The only time I remembered to bring the camera was when we went up on the roof of my grandmothers house :)

Carlanderska sjukhuset (hospital)


Grandma lives next to the amusementpark Liseberg

Moa, Oscar and Kasper on the roof

Other than beeing on the roof, we also helped grandma, made a little shopping tour and made delicious food.

On our way down to Helsingborg again, we stopped at the famous Gekås in Ullared. It's a giant supermall that has everything for almost no money. People are standing in line in the morning just to get in! We weren't that extreme, but I just had to see the place. I came home with two new nail polishes (just 10sek each = around 1€), a white eyeliner, handcreme, a small backpack to Charlie, notebook and some other small things.

The entrance

My new nail polishes for 10 sek each! You can see the purple one in the end of this post.

Some days later we went to a place in the forest with Charlie and he tried out his new backpack. It's both handy becasue he can carry all his stuff like toys etc. and he gets to work a bit more. Both because he gets some extra weight but also work with his mind because he feels like he is doing a task (I've heard).

Charlie looking cool

After playing in the sun, we went down to the beach and Charlie got to swim and cool down.

Throwing sticks

Returning proud

We also made a small trip to Kullaberget (the Kulla mountain, close to Helsingborg) but the weather wasn't that good so the pictures didn't turn out that well.. But here are a few:

The lighthouse (brightest one in Scandinavia)

Me and Charlie ready to climb down

Cliffs and big rocks

Kasper and Charlie posing

The lighthouse on Kullaberget

More posing. More lighthouse

Oh, and I have forgotten to show you. This is the thred that Charlie had in his throat.

Quite a busy but fun week :)


Pretty said...

:-) looks like a fun weekend! i love your pics! reminds me when I lived in scandinavia.. cph.. one day i will go back!! until then i read your blog! lol nice nail polish too!!

Viktoria said...

Hey, thanks for the comment!
I have lived in CPH too, love that city :)

April said...

What kind of dog is Charlie? I found my dog, Wally living on the streets and I have no idea what breed he is, but he and Charlie share some of the same features. I think Wally must be half Charlie and half something else. You can see pictures of Wally on my nail polish blog if you search for him.