Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Monday Manicure

..or not.. I know it's Wednesday but hey, can't wait an whole week! It's been a while since my last nail-post, but this one will be fully packed. It basicly contains all my manis for the summer. And sorry for the short nails but packing, moving, packing up, moving again during this summer isn't helping..

This is what I got as a goodbye-gift from the family I was babysitting for. It is nailpolish remover that smells like strawberry, three polishes, a corrector penn, and three different nail files, everything from LAKA. Thank you Dina, Eva and Fredrik!

The polishes! Looking forward using these in the fall

I then had to try out one of the new one, but red is a bit dark for me during the summer, so I used it to print with on top Isadora Frosty White. The LAKA was quite thick so it worked perfectly to stamp with.

This was my mani for the silver wedding, but I forgot to take a picture when it was new.. This is after some days, right before I was going to remove it. I used a strong pink from Kiko (nr 282) as base coat and then put the Depend (nr 086) polish I bought in Sweden here on top. It's a shame that you can't really see the shimmer in gold because it is so beautiful, but next time I use this polish I will try to take better pictures!

This one I liked a lot! But again I forgot to take pictures when the mani was fresh.. Anyway, I used the same pink from Kiko (nr 282) and put a white Konad print on top of it. It looks like peppermint candy and goes really well together with blue jeans I think.

I have also made some that I didn't like so they won't be posted here. This is the one I have right now. I have been looking for a pale purple and last week I found this one. It has a bit too much silver/metallic mixed in it, but it's very cute and dried quickly. It was a brand that I never had heard of before and it only cost 10sek (about 1€!). I will give you the name and a bottle pic when I'm home again!

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