Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday Manicure

And on the correct day and all! Yes I'm back on track ;)

Last Monday I recived a sample package from VivaLaNails, I was suprised how much it contained!
(As usual, click to enlarge)


Stickers and water decals

Rhinestones. Round gold/yellow, green and black. Leef-shaped in red and yellow flowers

Pink and green starshaped flakes.
Round dassle in green and blue/silver + yellow/gold holo dassle stipes.

This was my first time using decoratoions, so because I didn't know how it would turn out I wanted a clean base and therefore I made a classic French, using my new white tip from Kiko. I didn't have any nail glue, so I just used my top coat and it worked just fine.
I wanted to do flowers, but after one nail I thought they turned out quite big, so I just made one. I then tried a row on my thumb. On the other hand I tried the green star-flakes and made a little starfall.

(Sorry for the blurry pictures, don't know what happened with the camera!?)

French with rhinestones

French with flakes

The rhinestones were easy to put on the nail, I used a tweezers, and no top coat was necessary ontop of the stones. The flakes were a bit harder but with some patience it worked ;)
I think I liked the flakes more, because the rhinestones where too "thick" and I couldn't stop fiddle on them and that just resulted in them falling off.

For the weekend, I wanted something different, and this time I wanted to try out the dassle. Becasue they're very shiny and disco-like, I again went for a more descrete base. Looking back, I might have choosen another color.

French tip made of the blue/silver dassle

The thumb got some more. Together they formed a heart :) (no, I didn't plan that one).

I think it looks very elegant and I would definitely do it again, but maybe with another base color. It took time to make though! I used my metal nail file, by dipping it in water so the dassle stuck to the tip. Again I just used a top coat as glue, but this time I put two layers of top coat ontop of the dassles aswell.

These products were sent to me for free by VivaLaNails (link). If you are a beauty or nail blogger, you can also get a free sample! Check it out here! I placed my order on a Friday, and I got them on the Monday.
Next time I will try out the stickers and water decals!

Oh, and I promised that the next time I used the pink Depend nr 086 with gold shimmer, I would try to capture the gold more. Well, it looks like it's an impossible task, it just won't show on the camera.. Here are my latest attempt:

Pink with Konad flowers. Gold?

Thanks for reading and hope you get a wonderful week!

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