Thursday, August 26, 2010

Please guide me and my family through Stormy Weather

The last coulple of days we have had some strange weather. One minute it looks like it's going to start to rain:

The next we have sun and you think "oh, maybe I should sit some on the balcony"

And just when you have found a book and opened the balcony door, it looks like this again:

And so it continues..
But it's all becasue the winds are very strong at the moment. I think around 36km/h or 9m/s, so the weather changes all the time. That's why I haven't updated the "Helsingborg today"-picture lately.

I have sometimes written that I think Charlie the dog likes the Swedish climate and weather better than the Spanish, because it's cooler here and there are a lot of forests and parks with grass. But one thing, I know he misses, is the balcony in Barcelona. If you don't remember how it looked, read the post about Charlie's Day, or see below:

He just really enjoyed sitting or laying on the balcony and watching the people, cars and animals on the street below or at the plaza infront of our house.

Charlie could only just get his head out between the bars

The balcony we have now is no fun at all. He can sit on a chair and then barley see over the "walls" or he can stick his nose through the gap between the floor and the walls and look at the neighbors under us that has a cat

Oh, and when I'm already are talking about Barcelona, here are another thing that makes me think of our year in Barcelona:

There is an international food market right now at Stortorget here in Helsingborg, and look at this one :) Viva Catalunya! (And did you know that some week ago, Catalonia became the first province in Spain to forbid bullfighting? Way to go!!)

The name of this post is a line from Stormy Weather with Moneybrother, check it out here:

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