Friday, August 20, 2010

Suprise visit!

In silver wedding gift, Kaspers parents got plane tickets and hotel for a weekend in Stockholm from us. What they didn't know was that the day before their departure, Kasper and I borrowed the car (well they did know that we borrowed the car, but we said that we were going with some friends to a summerhouse) and drove all the way up to Stockholm during the night. The next day we waited for them in the airport! :) You shuld have seen their faces!

My parents actually did something similar for my moms parents some (read many) years ago, but their stunt were even more extreme. They drove my grandparents parents to the airport in Stockholm, waved goodbye and my grandparents went on a plane to Paris. After saying goodbye, my mom and dad went with the Concorde, arriving before my grandparents in Paris :D I would have loved to be there and see their faces!!

Anyway, back to Stockholm. The first day my parents (who live in Stockholm) had arranged a private flying over Stockholm for Kaspers parents, us and them. Because there only were 3 seats + the pilot, we went two times. First Kasper, my mom and Kaspers dad, then me, my dad and Kaspers mom :) Here are some pictures:

The first plane. After the first trip the radio broke, so we changed plane for our ride.

Stockholm from above. Lots and lots of islands. Stockholm is actually called Venice of the North.

The pilots t-shirt ;)

Kaspers mom Lisbeth and me

My dad got to steer

Kastellet next to Vaxholm

That night we continued the theme "over the ground" by eating at Gondolen, a restaurant situated 33meters over sea level. I didn't bring the camera, but everything; the food, the veiw the company was just perfect.

That weekend, we also had a small Kräftskiva at my parents house. It's a Swedish crayfish party, where you eat kräftor, drink snaps and sing snapsvisor (songs).

Boiled crayfish (from rivers and lakes)

Hello there

Charlie the dog tries a party-hat. It didn't stay on for long
My brother Oscar in typical kräftskive-outfit ;) They didn't stay on for long either..

My dad and Kasper with crayfish
It got my nose ;) Me and mom
We also got some sea-crayfish

Cold snaps
My goodlooking brother ;)

Dancing crayfish
Typical kräftskive-decorations

Have a great weekend!

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