Monday, June 28, 2010

Back in Barca

But only for 10 more days..! On the 8th we are moving up north for good. This last 1½ week I'm going to get as much sun as possible, because as you know, sun can be a rare thing up there.

The last weekend in Stockholm we celebrated Midsummer with sill, potatis & snaps (herring, potatoes and shots), grilled meat and Swedish strawberries. We didn't make any maypole but my mom and I picked a lot of flowers. It is an old story that on Midsummer night, you should pick 7 different flowers and jump over 7 järsgårdar (roundpole fences). You should then place the flowers under your pillow and they say that you will dream of the man you are going to marry! Quite cute and we always did it when we were little. This year we just placed the flowers on the table. It was a nice evening!

Roundpole fences (pic from Google)

The flowers

The cake with strawberries, raspberries and blueberries

In the previous post I told you about the light in Sweden and that it almost don't get dark during the night this time of the year. I got some pictures of it this weekend:

This is at 22 (10pm)

and this at 00:30 (12:30am)

Read more about Swedish Midsummer here (scroll down to the Sweden part).

This weekend we also did a small trip to Haga Slott, which is the castle that Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel are going to live in when they return. You are not allowed to take photos of the house, so I'll give you some pictures of the Koppartälten (the "Copper tents") in Haga, which lays next to the castle.

My mom, dad, grandmother, Kasper and Charlie outside the tents

A little faded maypole next to Fjärilshuset (The Butterfly House) in Haga.

And here some mixed pictures from the week:

Charlie enjoying the Swedish weather and climate

My new nail polishes etc

and new pants from MQ, half price!

Oh and I forgott to tell you. Kasper has some things to do in Copenhagen, so I flew back alone to Barcelona today. Since we are living on the fifth floor (without elevator) I couldn't take everything (suitcase, hand luggage, Charlie and his cage) in one turn. When we got out of the taxi, I registererd that some road workers were standing on our street, but I didn't pay any attention to what they where doing because I was busy with all the luggage.. I should have. Because when Charlie and I later went out I, too late, discovered that they had painted new lines for parked cars on the street, right outside our door... In a bright green color.. Charlie now has two green paws and one of my shoes is green under.. IH.

(this is after trying to shower and scratch it away..)


Kasper said...

poor charlie :(

Jennifer said...

LOVE those pictures of charlie!