Thursday, June 24, 2010

Stockholm update

As you know I'm in Stockholm right now, and I always have a lot of things to do here, so not much time over for blogging.. But here comes a quick post!

The 21st was the longest day here in Sweden (and the rest of the northern hemisphere) and shortest night, which means that we almost had no night. I think it got dark around 23:30 and light again around 03:00! Lovely, here in Sweden we like the sun and the light, because in the winter the sun rises around 07-08 in the morning and sets again around 15-16 in the afternoon!

Yesterday we had dinner with some friends and watched some football. Today we went to Gröna Lund, which is an amusement park here in Stockholm. My camera has run out of batteries, but I'm going to borrow a charger from my brother so that I can take some pictures of the Midsummer celebrations and post them for you :) Anyway, we rode some roller-coasters, had candy floss and played some games (I won one out of five..). A really nice evening!

And now some nails. I did my nails at the airport because our flight was delayed, and I then stamped them with Konad on the plane. At first I didn't like it, but it grew on me! The Kiko I used under was very very thin and even after 3 coats you could see the nail line, but with stamping on it it got better.

We then did some shopping the other day, and I found some new polishes! One white with some shimmer from Isadora, one baby blue/mint from Viva La Diva and a coral-ish with shimmer from Depend. I also found a Depend cuticle cream, makeup brush from H&M and nail hardener (this one without formaldehyde (which is bad for your nails!)). Well I decided to try out the blue one, because I have been looking for a blue without shimmer. It was very hard to paint with and I had to use a lot of polish, so it took ages for it to dry even if I used my quick-dry-top-coat. This is how it turned out:

A girl in a stand (shooting with corks) in the amusement park today had the same nail polish on her nails, so I got an extra shot! (I missed though..)

Tomorrow my grandmother comes to Stockholm and Friday is Midsummer! I hope I can give you more pictures in the next post.

Glad Midsommar! (Happy Midsummer!)

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