Monday, June 7, 2010

Life status report

As some of you know, our living here in Barcelona was just temporary. We moved to Spain last September because my boyfriend Kasper was going to take his master degree in marketing here and I was going to improve my Spanish and find out what I wanted to do next (this) year.

Well, Kasper is now writing his last pages on his master thesis and I am finished with my Spanish-studies. I have applyed for the Service Management-programme at the University of Lund, Campus Helsingborg in Sweden and Kasper has got a spot at Arla Foods' F15 Graduate Programme.

Since we are flying up to Stockholm (where I'm from) to visit my parents for Midsummer, going back down again after 10 days and then were suposed to fly up again but to Copenhagen some week later for Kasper's parents silver wedding, we decided that it was easiest just to stay in Scandinavia after the wedding. We also wanted to start looking for an apartment in Helsingborg quite early so we don't have to do it at the same time as everybody else is doing it.
So our things will get transported already on the 6th of July and we are flying up "for good" on the 8th. Suddenly it feels like we have no time left here in Barca..!

Since Kasper is going to rotate 3 times in his two years at Arla, we decided it was best if we got a place where I was going to study. At first we thought of buying an apartment because they are not that expencive and the monthly cost would be about the same as for renting. But we then heard that the market is going down in 2-3 years, and that would be about the same time that we are going to sell again. So we are now looking for rental apartments.

It's quite hard to look at apartments when you are 2000km away and most of the website don't even have pictures of the places.. So in that aspect, it is going to be great to come home early. But we are definetly going to miss living next to the sea, the sun and our friends down here!

This is not going to be my good-bye Barcelona post (yes I will have one) and I will keep blogging after moving, but just thought a status update would be nice for everyone :)

It's good to have the moving-part in place, now we "only" have these little problems and wonderings left:
- Will we get some money back from this apartment for moving early or do we have to pay dobble rent some months?
- Will our landlord buy our furniture or are we going to have to put everything on the Internet?
- Where will Kasper start working?
- Will I get enrolled?
- Will it be hard to find a place?

Well enough about the problems, now some fun stuff! Tomorrow 3 of my best friends are arriving from Stockholm :D Poor (or?) Kasper; 4 girls in an 40sq/m apartment.. You will get an update on how that goes!

And as an ending, I will give you my Monday Manicure ;)

First, this is how my last weeks nails ended up looking:

And this is what I made yesterday:
A nice French using Kiko nr 219 as a base, H&M white tip and pink base coat, and finishing with a pink flower using H&M "Check me out" and Konad plate m20.

Have a nice week!


susies1955 said...

Both manicures are SO very pretty.

Kelly said...

I am very excited about your move because I can't wait to read about Sweden.

Fun fact, Arla's US "headquarters"/manufacturing facility is located very near me in Wisconsin. They make mostly cheese. Its a good fit because we have so many Swedes and Danes in this area and we love our cheese. :)

Viktoria said...

Susie: Thank you :)

Kelly: Well isn't it a small world :) I really miss Swedish cheese, so it will be good to come home to!