Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Royal Wedding!

Yesterday was the day of the royal wedding in Sweden between Crown Princess Victoria and her Daniel, and of course we had to see it. Because of the wedding, going with the Stockholm metro was free, so after a ride together with the rest of the city, we came to Gustavs Adolfs torg (a square). There they had put a big screen TV so that the people could see the from inside the church.

Half way trough the wedding, my mom and I tried to elbow us through the crowd, so that we would get a glimpse of the cortege. Because after the wedding, Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel would go in a horse drawn carriage trough Stockholm, ending with a boat ride to the castle. We came quite far and we then had small chairs to stand on. But even with (dirty) tricks, we didn't see the bridal couple because the carriage was very low and all I got on the photos was other cameras and flags.. But then we could advance, standing almost next to the barricades, so when they opened up the bridge in front of the castle, we came in the front row, right after the polices! So when Victoria and Daniel came out an hour later to say hi to the people and wave, we had front row places ;)

I think I have about 180 photos and videos, most of them are pics of the big screen, but the last ones are "real". Can't post all of them but here are some (click to enlarge):

On our way to the metro. The royal palace.

Mom and I waiting for the wedding to begin.
(following pictures from the big screen TV)
Crown Princess Mary and Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark.
Crown Princess Mette-Marit and Crown Prince Haakon of Norway.

Queen Sonja and King Harald of Norway.
Queen Margrethe of Denmark and Prince Henry

Queen Sofia of Spain and Queen Beatrix of Belgium.
Princess Madeleine and Queen Silvia of Sweden.

Daniel's parents.
Daniel Westling (the Prince to be) and Prince Carl-Philip of Sweden

The bride arrives.
Crown Princess Victoria and King Carl Gustav XVI of Sweden

Her dress(!!)
The King hands over Victoria to Daniel

Exchanging rings. Me and mom on our chairs.

The cortege (only the guys on horses, when the wedding couple went by, all I could see was cameras and flags...). The couple (pic from the big screen TV).

Waving. The police lineup before they opened the barricades for the bridge. (now "real" pictures)

Mom and I in the front! Excited :D

The people (behind us) waiting for the Princess and new Prince to come to the castle.
Two blondes with big sunglasses sitting on our chairs, waiting.

The Princess and Prince! The Castle.

The people is cheering and waving.
The couple with the Queen and King of Sweden to the right.

I then have about 50 more pictures from the balcony, but I'll spare you those ;) I also have some videos, but Blogger is not cooperating right now, so you will get them later.

So what did you think of her wedding dress? I think it was amazing and she looked so beautiful! The hair, the crown, the accessories, everything :) Actually everyone looked good, no ugly or weird dress this time. Victoria and Daniel just looked so much in love and I wish them the best!

Have a great week everyone and remember love!

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