Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I love my job!

As you might know, I'm working some as a babysitter here in Barcelona for Swedish and Danish children. So this afternoon I went to Dina, 4 years old. We first played, swam and had a lot of fun in their swimming pool. We then ate Swedish (home made!) meatballs and watched Disney's Aristocats. I mean, how great isn't my job! Can you think of a better one? :)

Adorable Dina in her cool Hello Kitty towel/robe

On my way over there, I saw this ad from an airline (I think it was Spanair) in the metro. They are showing all their destinations on a fictive map, and every city has gotten a little picture. Paris has the Eiffel tower, Copenhagen the little mermaid. And what did they give Stockholm? A snowman. SNOWMAN! Like there is nothing else to see in Stockholm but snow?! It's not even like we have snow all year around (ok, this year was extreme, but normally from December/January to March).. Well well, it wasn't as chocking as the time when I was asked if we had polar bears on the streets..!

And here a pic of Charlie's new collar I wrote about last time:

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Eva said...

Well, we are going to miss you at work...