Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Now with garlic-mouth

Yeah, yesterday my throat started hurting, so before going to bed, I mixed some things my friend Clara once told me could help if you felt that a cold was coming. Fresh ginger, garlic, lemon and honey. What I forgot to ask was how much and how she eats it... So I just mixed some in a glass and put water on it. It actually didn't taste as bad as I had thought! I mean ginger = yum, lemon = yum and honey = yum, garlic = hm not that yum raw..
Anyway, I don't think it helped becasue today my nose has started to run.. AND my mouth taste like garlic..

This morning Kasper stated that today was going to be a serious tanning day. But as you can see to the right, we have some thin clouds that don't want to go away. Maybe later I comfort him with.

And yes, as my mom commented in the post below; Charlie is soo cute! Always when you are in the kitchen, he hangs around, hoping that something will fall down. Last day I was making sallad and a pice of iceberg sallad fell down. Super happy he ran to the green thing on the floor, picked it up and happily ran to his bed to eat it. How disappointed he got.. He tasted it, spat it out and looked at us "why are you eating this again??"
Sorry, I don't have any pictures on that, but here is one with Charlie from this weekend, when he took his first swim for the year.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Today is a windy day in Barcelona. Charlie the dog waked up multiple times during the night, growling at the sound of the wind. And when we got op this morning, the chairs and the drying stand on the balcony had tilted.

el Tiempo has put up a warning in Barcelona with winds up to 80km/h!

And when we went for a walk, Charlie had difficulties holding his ears down.

They flew back or up :o)

As you can see, I have put a new box in the right menu in which I each day will try to opload a "todays picture" of Barcelona, mostly taken from our balcony overlooking the harbour, Montjuïc, MNAC, the Aquarium or city.

Monday, March 29, 2010


Well now, thanks to Louise, I have been to new places in Barcelona! As you know, yesterday I got to see the police station and today we went to the Danish Consulate to get Louise a temporary passport so she could fly home today. The lady in the consulate was very friendly and helpful, and the room looked so danish :)

Here are some pictures from the magic fountain and dinner we had saturday, and from yesterday where Kasper dived with sharks and the dinner pasta carbonara allá Louise; Enjoy!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Diving with sharks and some other action

.. yeah but not me; Kasper did!
jaws sound bite
Today he used his christmas present he got from me and my family; a dive in the shark-tank in Barcelona Aquarium! We started out early with a tour of the aquarium, then breakfast, teoretical class about sharks and when Kasper prepared the dive, Louise and I went down to the aquariums to prepare the cameras ;) At first I think both we and Kasper were a bit nervous, but after some minutes it looked quite peaceful and relaxing. One time he almost swam into a shark, but it went fine ;) There were also different types of rays, big fishes, morains etc. in the tank.

After the close encounter with sharks, we had some lunch at McD in Maremagnum, and then Louise and I went for a last little shopping-round. But in the last store, before going home, Louise discovered that her purse was missing... including her passport, Visa, Mastercard etc...we went back to all the places we had been, but with no succes.. so after blocking the cards, we went to the police station filling reports. Bad way of ending a vacation and day! :( Tomorrow we are going to the consulate to get some ID so she can get home (because she got her car stolen last week including her drivers licence!!). Pobresito

Yesterday, after some beaching, Louise and I went to Plaza Catalunya to do some more shopping. I ended up with cupcake-cases in latex, a nametag for my suitcase, a notebook with birds on it (all from Habitat) and then a pair of shorts from Zara. We also went to La Bouqueria for a raspberry-juice.

As requested, here are a picture of the result of my shopping the last days:

In the evening we went to Plaza España to see the magic fountain and then Barcelona going dark because of Earth Hour, eventough the street lights were still on.. We then had some nice tapas at el Rovell in el Borne.

Pictures from the dive, magic fountain and yesterdays dinner are on their way!
Have patience my young padawans!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

En tus sueños

When I got my henna tatoo in Marrakesh, the lady said to me that it would last for at least 3 weeks. Today, like a week after I got it, it is almost gone. 3 weeks; en tus sueños! as Kasper would have said (direct translation of "in your dreams" to spanish)
This is what it looked like in Marrakesh:

Ayer, we went, as planned, to Margarita Blue where we got nachos, enchiladas, Coronitas and tasty drinks. Simone and his room-mates came by and we had even more drinks :)

More pics later. My camera is getting grey and old, so the rest of the pics are on Louises camera.

Tonight it is Earth Hour! So remember to turn of all electrical lights at 20:30 for an hour! We are thinking of just sitting on our balcony and hopefully see Barcelona go dark, or maybe we can go to La Sagrada Familia. See more what is happening around the world at the official website


Friday, March 26, 2010

Margarita Blue!

Well, last night we went to Plaza Real for the winetasting.. but when we arrived there were no wine nor tasting.. Kasper had remembered the time wrong; it was from ten to seven and not seven to ten.. So instead we walked around in Barrio Gotico and ended up at the bar/restaurant/café Princesa 23. Then we walked all the way back home and were to tired for clubbing, so it became an early night (read no bags...).

Today Louise, Charlie and I went to Parc de la Ciutadella for some fun in the sun, and after lunch we went (without Charlie) to Diagonal Mar for some serious shopping. I came home with a jeans skirt, a blue skirt, a striped top, sunglasses and a purse (tot 30€) :) Soon we are going to Margarita Blue for mexican dinner and drinks, and maybe later for some more drinks in Reval with Simone + friends.
Sun and 20 deg :D

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Today it is "Våffeldagen" in Sweden (the waffle day), but since I left our våffeljärn at home, we can't make waffels.. In Sweden we make them thin and crispy and they are normally served with jam and wipped cream, altough I like them with butter and sugar :D I'll have to go down to Ben&Jerry's in Maremagnum and get gofres instead, but they are more like Belgian waffels (thick and more like pancakes)..

Since Louise is here visiting from Denmark this weekend, we are going to the club Shoko tongiht. They have a "Scandinavian night"-event together with Friis & Co, so you can win handbags, shoes, belts and accesories! Me like!
But first I think we will drop by Plaza Real for some wine- and jamón tasting. Our spanish friend Mar should be there, so maybe we can try some for free ;)

Now I am going to take a morfar, as they say in Denmark (the translation for morfar "grandpa", but "to take a morfar" is to take a powernap).

Let you know tomorrow if I got any handbags!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

All my clothes smells like Marrakesh. Can't really decide if it is a good smell or bad.. When we steped out of the airplane in Marrakesh, the first thought that hit me was cow. But that smell disapeared when we left the airport. Leter we came over smells like grilled meat, donkeys, mint tea, camels, exhaust gases, dust, flowers, incense sticks... Anyway, my loundrybag (or barrel) ended up like this: (and it is after I loaded the first washing machine..)

If you want to see more pictures of the trip to Marrakesh, look under the links to the right (you will be forwarded to my facebook-album).

Today I have applied for some educations in Sweden. I ended up chosing Service Management with focus on Retail Management, as my first hand choice. It feels good to finaly have decided what I'm going to do this fall! The education is in University of Lund, but the campus is in Helsingborg, which is like a 20min boatride from Denmark, so it is going to be BEAuutiful!
(You know Jim Carrey in Bruce Almighty..)
Beautiful sound bite

Btw, I found a tool, where you can get an e-mail each time I post something on my blog. But apparently I only have 10 "spots" and my family are already occupying 3 of them (sorry mom, dad and brother; you don't have a choice ;) ). So if you want an e-mail alert, please send me your adress in an email, fb-post or as a comment below!

And last but not least; Thank you for the comments everyone! Keep them coming :)

Have yourself a good day sound bite
Sorry for spamming sound-clips, I just found this site. Quite fun actually. This last one make me think of my dearest friends back home in Stockholm; Cilan, Elin and Sara, when they quote Ace Ventura :D

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The spring has arrived to Bcn!

Yes, I think it is a fact now, the spring is here! 18-20C today and sun. The turists have startet to arrive during the weekdays, the bicycle-taxies are cruising around Barceloneta and the harbour, and I even saw the first Chiringuito being set up on the beach today! (Chiringuito is the small cafes/bars on the beach promonade).
Charlie and I went to the beach today and now we are chillin on the balcony (here I would have liked to put the swedish word "myser" or the danish "hygger", which isn't quite the same as chilling, but what to do). I'm having green tea with a straw.. I got a wound in my mouth which makes it hard to drink in a normal way. This got me thinking of a song my friend Beatrix and I used to listen to during the first year of highschool, Disco Fever with Paris where she sings Having cocktails with a straw, the best band I ever saw.. *happy memories*

I still havn't unpacked... why is it so hard to unpack? Is it the fact that when the suitcase is unpacked and put away, you are no longer on a vacation? That the fun is over and you are back to normal? Or is it that you know that the loundrybag will be filled up and that you probably have to start washing..??
Eather way, I have to do it soon, because on thursday our friend Louise is coming from Copenhagen to visit us over the weekend! Looking forward seeing you again!

Kisses on the balcony

Monday, March 22, 2010

Living the Arabian nights in the red city

Since we don't look that much like Marrocans, we just decided to be super turists. So yes we have seen snake charmers, people with monkeys, donkeys, riding on camels, got henna tatoo, having street food, bargained for souvenirs, been at a hammam...

For you Aladdin-fans, pretty much like this scene:

Because it was mostly about the big Djemaa el-Fna square and the small souqs (small, mostly covered "streets" loaded with small shops/stalls). Everyone trying to sell you something, or as they say "Come, just look, just look" ,"You buy more, I give good price, presents for family". But they wern't as precistent as I thought they would be and there were no pulling in clothts or blocking your way (as they apparently do in i.e. in Turkey and Egypt).

We arrived at 23:30 their time (GMT) and after filling out forms and getting stamps in the passports (whohoo, finaly a country that will stamp my passport!) we got picked up by a guy with a big suv to take us in to the Medina (old city where we were going to live). At first I thought "is that really necessary?!", supergrande car for just us, but when we were driving on the "roads" of the old city, I was glad that we had a car with good suspencion...

The next morning we got served breakfast at the rooftop terrace of the riad ("hotel", or guesthouse with patio) and we reserved a time for the hammam (spa). We thought it was best to do it as one of the first things, as it includes a scrub, and you don't want to get scrubbed after 3 days in the African sun...! The staff in our riad was very very friendly, one of them speaking english and the other spanish. The one speaking spanish walked us all the way to the plaza from the riad (about 5min walk, that is if you don't stop to look at things...) and showed us land marks to look for, so that we could find out way back :)
After the hammam, which included black soap, scrub, eucalyptos wrapping and then a relaxing massage, we had a lunch at the plaza; I took a lamb tagine (clay-pot stew) and Kasper some meat on sticks.
That day we also went to the Bahia Palace and the Koutoubia minaret, and endning a day full of walking with dinner at the riad; couscous with chicken and vegetables.

The next day we went to the new part of town (Nouvelle Ville), where the french have had something to say about the infrastructure; the roads were wider and there were roundabouts. After seeing the famous Jardin Majorelle, a gift from Yves Saint Laurent to Marrakesh, we took a small break before heading for lunch. After lunch, (which btw was at McD, Yes, we had to try a QP in Marroco ;) ) we took a taxi out to Palmeraie (a place some 6km outside the center with palm trees) where I sat on a camel :D
After taking some sun at the terrace at the riad, we again went out but to the plaza, to see the transformation into a big outdoor food place with foodstalls. We had some shish kebabs (meat on sticks), calamares, sausages etc. And the best part of all; we didn't get sick!

The last day we spent on some last shopping, strolling around the different neigborhoods and a super lunch at a restaurant called Le Foundouk, where Kasper tried the Marrocan spacialty bastilla (pigeon pie) and I got an other tagine but with chicken, lemon and olives.

Very happy and satisfyed witht the trip and weekend, we returned to the riad for a last hour on the terrace before heading back to the airport. We arrived a bit late in a rainy Barcelona, which strangely enough, now doesn't feel that exotic, and almost like home.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Soon in Marrakesh!

Tonight, Kasper and I are going to Marrakesh! We will stay til sunday evening and hopefully come home with a lot of pictures, experiences and maybe a nice tan ;)

We are going to stay at a riad, which is like a guesthouse, in the old town (Medina). Yesterday I tried to learn a few marrocan arabic words, here are some:

Hi - Ssalamu 'lekum
Bye - bessalama
Thanks - shukran
Please - afak
How much is it? - bsh-hal?
With peace, my friend - ma'asalama, sahbee

I also found a youtube-clip with pronunciation:

This morning I went to look after little Gabriel while his mom went for a run. Gabriel and I danced to David Gray and Daniel Lemma and then we tried to see if he could crawl. He couldn't.., but you could see that he really wanted to!
Here is Gabriel, probably the cutest baby on the planet: (after me when I was one ;)

Now I'm going to have some lunch and then probably take my baby (Charlie) for a walk! He is going to stay at home with our friend Simone, when we go to Marrakesh. (thanks for the comment btw! :) So I'm also going to make a Swedish ÄppelPaj (apple pie)!

I'll keep you updated on Marrakesh!!


Ikväll flyger Kasper och jag till Marrakesh! Vi stannar till söndag kväll och kommer förhoppningsvid hem med en massa bilder, uppleverlser och kanske lite solbrända ;)

Vi ska bo på ett riad, vilket är som ett ”gästhus”, i den gamla stan (Medina). Igår försökte jag lära mig några marrocanska ord:

Hej - Ssalamu 'lekum
Hejdå - bessalama
Tack - shukran
Snälla - afak
Hur mycket kostar det? - bsh-hal?
Med fred, min vän - ma'asalama, sahbee

Jag hittade också ett youtube-klipp med uttal! (se ovan)

I morse var jag hos lilla Gabriel när hans mamma var ute och sprang. Gabriel och jag dansade till David Gray och Daniel Lemma, och sen kollade vi om han kunde krypa. Det kunde han inte än.. men man kunde se att han verkligen ville!

Ovan är en bild på Gabriel, nog världens sötaste baby (efter mig när jag var liten såklart ;)

Nu ska jag äta lunch och efter det ska jag nog gå en prommenad med min “baby” (Charlie)! Han blir här hemma med vår vän Simone när vi reser. (Tack för kommentaren förresten!) Jag ska också göra en äppelpaj till honom :)

Ni hålls uppdaterade om Marrakesh!


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I don't get it...

What is it about old spanish men and clipping their nails in public!??
Last week Kasper and I saw an old man sitting on a bench outside and clipping his fingernails, ok I can see the point; you don't have to collect the nails again, or worry that you will drop the clipper in the toilet or that the sink will be plugged... But then some days later, we saw another old man clipping his nails in a shoppingcenter!! Just walking around and clipping, like it was the most natural thing to do.. Ih I really don't get it..

Now I will do some loundry for the trip and go out and enjoy the sun.

Write to you later


Vad är det med gamla spanska män och att klippa naglarna offentligt!?!
Förra veckan såg Kasper och jag en gammal man sitta på en bänk och klippa sina fingernaglar.. Ok jag kan se pointen; du behöver inte samla upp naglarna efter dig, eller oroa dig för att du ska tappa klipparen i toaletten eller att det blir stopp i handfatet.. Men några dagar senare såg vi en annan gammal man som klippte sina naglar i ett shoppingcenter!! Han gick omkring och klippte som om det var helt normalt.. Ih jag förstår det inte...

Nu ska jag tvätta lite inför resan och gå ut och njuta av solen.

Skriver till er senare

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hej hallå!

Last time I tried to blog (for like 3 years ago), I got complains about the fact that i wrote in my own swedish/danish mix... So since I don't know who is going to read my blog, I thought it would be best to write in english this time!
(Men för att det säkert bara blir mina mor&far-föräldrar som kommer att läsa, kommer jag att skriva på svenska under!)

Ok here we go, the first post on my new blog. Don't really know why I started one (again), but it's nice to have a place to write your stuff and to have some contact with the people you have got to know, except facebook...! It is probably gonna be filled with stuff about my life, which right now is in Barcelona where we (me, my boyfriend and our dog) are going to live for another 5 or 6 months.

On thursday Kasper (my boyfriend) and I are going to Marrakesh in Marrocco, for the weekend, so I thought it would be easy to start blogging this week, when I actually will have something to write about :)
Im really excited about the trip, but also starting to be a bit nervous about the fact that I don't speak a word arabic or french (which are the two main languages there). Hopefully they will understand my mixture between english, spanish and catalan! At least the hotel (or "Riad", like a guesthouse) wrote to us in spanish!
Well you will get an update on that one!

Today Charlie (my dog) and I went to the beach to relax (or I tried to relax while Charlie was digging in the sand and playing with his frisbee)... The picture is from last year, but it looked about the same today ;)
It is starting to be warm here, had about 15 deg and sun today, so I'm starting to get burned! (not that that means much since I get burned in Sweden as well..!).

Ok enough for now. Can't make you sleep after one post :)

Hope for many feedbacks and comments (although no about the spelling...!)


Och så på svenska: :)

Förra gången jag försökte mig på att blogga (för typ 3 år sen) fick jag klagomål om att jag skrev på min egengjorda mix av svenska å danska.. Och eftersom jag inte vet vem som kommer att läsa den här bloggen, så börjar med att skriva på engelska...

Okej, här är första inlägget på min nya blogg! Vet inte riktigt varför jag börjar att blogga (igen) men det är skönt att ha ett ställe att skriva och att ha någon sorts kontakt med folk man lärt känna, förutom genom facebook..! Bloggen kommer antagligen fyllas med fakta och händelser från mitt liv, vilket just nu är i Barcelona, där vi (min pojkvän, jag och vår hund) ska bo i ytterligare 5 eller 6 månader.

På torsdag åker Kasper (min pojkvän) och jag till Marrakesh i Marrocco över helgen, så jag tänkte att det nog blir lätt att börja blogga den här veckan när jag faktiskt har något att skriva om :)

Jag längtar jättemycket till resan, men jag börjar också att bli lite nervös över att vi faktiskt inte pratar arabiska eller franska (som är de två huvudspråken därnere). Förhoppningsvis kommer dom att förstå min blandning av engelska, spanska och catalanska! Hotellet (eller riaden, typ gästhus) vi ska bo på skrev i alla fall på spanska i deras mail! Ni får en uppdatering om hur det går :)

Idag gick Charlie (vår hund) och jag till stranden för att slappa lite (eller jag försökte att njuta av solen medans Charlie var igång med att gräva i sanden och leka med sin frisbee...). Bilden är från i höstas, men det såg ungefär ut sådär idag också :)

Det börjar att bli riktigt varmt här nere, vi hade runt 15 grader idag och sol, så jag börjar att bli bränd! (inte för att det betyder så mycket, jag blir ju bränd i Sverige också...!)

Okej, nu räcker det för nu :) Kan ju inte få er att sova efter bara ett inlägg :)

Hoppas på mycke feedback och kommentarer! (dock inte om stavningen..)