Sunday, October 31, 2010

Shopping and gifts

Here are some pictures of the things we got this weekend

We got a blue Le Creuset bowl from Benjamin and Janni as a housewarming gift

At Väla we bought a candlestick for värmeljus, in which you can put decorations. We bought some fake spruce twigs for Christmas.

We also bought some jars at Bolagret for the tea we bought some weeks ago

I got the IsaDora lipstick called Nude Glow 144 from their autum "Rock Chic" collection

This weekend's happenings

This Friday all the girls came and we had taco-night with nachos, fajitas, Coronas and everything that goes with it.

Yesterday (Saturday) started with brunch at Brooklyn together with Benjamin and Janni visiting from Denmark. We then showed them Helsingborg, who had decided to be on the good side and showed us some sun and beautiful colors on the trees. We then went to Väla shopping center outside Helsingborg and Kasper and I found some jars for tea and some other stuff (in a separate post). After a nice dinner of parmesan breaded halibut with avocado, rucola and sprouts, and my Swedish apple pie with ice cream, Kasper and I said farewell to the Danes and went clubbing with the gang.

Kasper and I in Slottsparken

Benjamin, me and Janni
Fika-break at Väla (fika is a Swedish word, both verb and noun, for having a coffee and something with it) with capuccino and raspberry/cardamom muffin).

Johanna and I

Today, I bit tired and confused of the time change (winter time) Kasper, Charlie and I went to the forest and I got some pictures with my new phone.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Danish pølsebrød - Food for Friends

Last weekend, before the case-writing-marathon (Ok, it wasn't that hard but I had no time for other stuff) I made Dansih pølsebrød. That is hotdogs in bread. Here is how you make them:

First make a dough for white bread, here is a recipe I use:
(for 20pc)

25g yeast
1dl lukewarm water
50g melted butter
1dl yoghurt
1 tsp salt
1 egg
~450 g flour
Mix the yeast with the water and the butter with the yoghurt. Then put the butter mix into the watermix. Add salt, egg and flour and mix it well together. Ferment covered for 30min.

Then devide the dough into two and make them round. Roll out so you have a flat circle and slice it into 10 "triangles". Put a hotdog on the wide side of the slice and roll the dough around the hotdog. Place the hotdogbread with the tip down on a baking tray and let them be for 10 min. Brush the breads with milk or whipped egg and put them in the oven for about 20 min or until they have gotten some color. Done :)

They are perfect for picnic, in the lunchbox or as a snack.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Back on track!

Nothing interesting has happened--> nothing interesting to blog about --> no blogposts..

Yeah, my life has been quite boring the last couple of days. Since Monday I, together with my group, have been working on a case in school that has to be handed in tomorrow. So basicly I get up, work on the case, walk Charlie, work on the case, go to bed.

Together with this, Charlie the dog has been ill. It started last Thursday night with vomiting, bad stomach this weekend, and this Monday he needed to go out 4 times during one night.. Poor me, poor Charlie.

But finaly the case is handed in and it looks like (fingers crossed) that Charlie is feeling better, so back to reality! At least one good thing has happend; I got a new mobile phone! I finaly decided to go for the SonyEricsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro (puh long name, why name a mobile like that!?) in black. The pro is the one with a keyboard on the side. So far I like it alot; it is easy to write on and the touch-screen works fine.

Here are some crapy pictures of it (sorry, no energy to get up from the sofa and take pictures in light..)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Last weeks mani x2

Last weekend I wanted to try out one of the Depend polishes that I bought when my parents were here. I chose Depend nr 029; a purple shimmer polish. Or at least it looks purple in the bottle, but I found it more pink when on the nail. I used the ribbon in white from plate m59 on top.

It was a bit hard to adjust the ribbon to the middle of the nail, but the left had turned out ok.

I didn't really like the look though, a bit too girly and cute. So I put the Isadora polish I bought last week on top of the old mani:

Isadora 630 Sweet Violet

This one was a lot more like me. Darker and with a lovely purple shimmer, and I only needed one coat for it to cover the nail. It has the exact same color as our new towels (even though the camera made the towel pale!?). I think it will look good with a white Konad stamp on top, but I kept as it was this time.

Can you see a connection?

This Thursday, before we were going to a party, I put some clothes on my bed that I was going to choose from and wear that night. I had dinner and when I came back to the bedroom I saw it, can you?

Am I only having blue, black and white clothes with stripes??!
Well those are my favourite colors together with purple.
(I ended up wearing the dress in the down left corner; black skirt that's attached to a bluestriped oversized top with gold buttons)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Entry for giveaway

I'm in Emerald Sparkled's giveaway. By being a follower, twitter about the giveaway and put the giveaway on your blog, you get three entries.

Cross you fingers for me! :)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Snow, rain and hail hell!

Iiih what is happening with the weather!?! Global warming has apperently not come to Sweden yet.. First we got some snow-mixed-rain which then tuned into hail big as peas! Hello it's October, not December!! All this when I was on my bike on my way home.. Had to stop under a roof because the hail started to hurt when it hit my face! Took some pictures with the phone:

Stopping with the bike

Hail big as peas!

When I came inside I looked like a drowned cat and took some more photos but with my camera.

The roof of the garbage room turned white

Hail bouncing against the window

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Some shopping..

Yes you guessed right, more polishes!! But also some other stuff :) Eyeko has some great prices right now in their webshop, where you get polishes for 3,5£/4€! And if you buy for more than 12€ you get the Vampira for free! Also the shipping is for free and you don't have to pay customs in EU. And isn't the name cute or what?

I got:
Lilac Polish - For Lovely Nails. A purple/lilac cream
Vintage Polish - For Elegant Nails. A light green cream

Chi Chi Polish - For Girlie Nails. A red/pink glitter polish
Indigo Polish - For Sultry Nails. Dark blue with blue microglitter

Vampira Polish - For Gothic Nails. A black polish with red microglitter

I also went past H&M today on my way home (this was before I knew that the package with the Eyeko had arrived), and got an other of the Isadora polishes that are on sale right now. This time I bought a purple with purple shimmer called Sweet Violet (nr 630).

Also, today I got a package from H&M with some stuff I had ordered from their webshop some weeks ago (of course all the things I had ordered came the same day!). I ordered a knitted scarf in petrol blue:

(yes I have to clean the mirror..)
I also got a top, but not sure if I'm going to keep it, so if I do, you will see it then ;)

And I also got this today:
What a lovely thing to spend almost 300sek (30€) on! I'm so excited too read this one (it says Our Economy)! Feel the irony..


I love my tea/coffee-to-go-cup (even though I only have used it once as a to-go)! It's really easy to make tea in it because you don't have to try to fit the tea in one of those tea-strainer-clamps. You can also put it next to you in the sofa without taking the risk of spilling (or at least almost). The cup don't get super hot so you can still hold it and it's perfect for warming your hands.

Right now with the Sweet Berry-tea I bought the other day

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Funny neighbors

This piece of furniture has been standing in our common basement outside the stores for some weeks now. It doesn't bother me that someone has put it there, but it is standing infront of a radiator so I guess it can effect the heating of the basement?

Anyway, I found this note on it:

I find it quite amusing that people are writing notes as if they were the propertykeeper and that the person with the furniture has replied :)

Translation into English:
"Remove your stuff before the 30/10 or we will throw it away /The Propertykeeper"

"Bullshit! Wallenstam/Lamaro doesn't write any handwritten notes! Only computermade!! Let me have my things here!!"

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Some more autumn pictures

Today we went for a long walk together with some friends, walking in Pålsjöskogen (the Pålsjö forest) and then along the sea back home. We stopped for a muffin, doughnut and a Pucko (the name of a chocolate milk drink) and after two hours in the chilly weather we went home for some soup and tea.

Pictures taken from Landborgsprommenaden (a scenic walk along the Öresund), overlooking Öresund and Denmark on the other side.

Last weeks mani

Here are some pictures of the manicure I wore last week. I used an "old" H&M polish that I haven't used in 2 years or so, together with white dots from Konad plate m79.

I'm glad that I kept this polish even if I thought two years ago that it was too dark and that it turned out more blue than I hoped. Because now I love it! Sometimes it looks a bit blue, other more purple and if you look close it is full with microglitter. The stamping this time was a bit tricky and some dots got divided.. But I liked the overall result; a darker polish with a cute finish.

H&M Mad about you

Because I always do my nails infront of the TV in the evenings, there are no sun to capture the microglitter, but if you enlarge the pic to the right you can see some on the ring finger nail.

Have a great week!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

A lovely day in lovely Helsingborg

Today, Kasper and I went for some window shopping and to run some errands. It was lovely weather even though it is starting to get cold here; we had around 8 deg today! We had really good sushi for lunch and came home with a lot more than we planned..

Sushi at Fuji. We had spicy tuna maki, fried prawn maki, salmon and spicy tuna nigiri

Bought some tea at Tea Days. All green tea; one with guara, pinapple and papaya, one with ginger and lemon and one with sweet berries.

I also bought..:
..IsaDora nail polish nr 144 "Icy Nougat" The IsaDora polishes are on sale in H&M, only 39sek

..a new autumn jacket in blue from H&M (only 300sek! about 30€)

..a long black knitted top with a big turtleneck

Kasper got a new jacket aswell, two scarfs, gloves and some other stuff. After our shopping session we went home to get Charlie the dog and then went to Fredriksdalsskogen (the forest) to enjoy the last sun (this time I brought my camera).