Thursday, April 29, 2010

Some sport and beauty

I think most of my readers are girls.. So today I spent more money on nail polish (but stay tuned, some football futher down!). At KIKO in Maremagnum they are now 1,90€ each (normal price 4€)! So I found 4 that will have the honor to be on my nails, haha.

But before that, we went to Pappa Sven (the Swedish restaurant I wrote about some weeks ago) this time with our dear Italian friends Simone and Sabrina. I had a baked potato with chicken, bacon and curry dressing and Kasper vitlökssill with rugbrød, as starters. I then had korvstroganoff (as Swedish sausage-dish) and Kasper a Ceasar sallad.

(You do know that the words marked with fat and pink are links? Ok, not this one, just an example! The words that are italic are words in an other language).

Now to the football. You sport-interested probably know that yesterday was the partido between Barca and Inter. Uh, the last semi-final in Champions League and Barca had to win with 2-0 to go to the final.. We went with the italianos (who are not Inter-fans) and some Spanish to a bar to watch the game. You who didn't see the game, missed a match full of chances for Barca and a Inter with 10 defenders.. I think Barca had 15 shots on goal but only 1 got in! Or actually 2, but it got ruled out because of hands (which wasn't a hands). A night full of emotions, yelling, happiness but unfortunally a night that ended in sorrow since Barca didn't get to the final..

Well these pics are in halftime, still happy and enthusiastic..

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Thought of having a wordless Wednesday, with only pictures and no (or almost no) text. The first one will be A normal day for Charlie the dog:

(Well at first Kasper takes him out for his morning walk and gives him food, but I usually sleep, so no pics of that..)
Waking up in mom's bed..
Sleeping some more on the couch
(but keeps an eye on me eating breakfast)
Having the last of my yoghurt
Looking out through the window
Chewing on a bone
Going for a walk to the park. Hiding under the bushes with
his ball so the other big dog can't take it (and because it's in the shade)

Posing for the blog infront of Castell dels tres dragons
in Parc de la Ciutadella
Walking home next to mom. Wet after a shower
Sleeping some more
Playing with and biting his blanket, but gives me the look
"What, I haven't done anything"
Sitting on the balcony in the sun
Good night

(Yeah in between he goes out some more and has dinner)

Monday, April 26, 2010

People watching

I'm just people watching, the other people watching me.

That's the first frase from Jack Johnson's song People Watching.

I just love sitting on our balcony, preferably in the sun, watching people going to/from the beach or just strolling along the harbour. People meeting on the street. Stopping by a bench. Watching people with funny clothes. People that can't controll their dogs (or children). Seeing the clear difference between Barcelonians and turists. Just love it.
Unfortunately I'm often too slow getting the camera. But at least now when Kasper has got a zoom-lence, I can capture some of the ones passing by! Here are a few favourites:

The colorful Desigual-bicycle-taxies

Poor turist group that had to have orange hats..

And my favourite, a bride and her groom on Segways!
If you click on the pic you get it bigger. She is wearing her wedding dress and he a tuxedo.
They are driving next to eachother with two friends in tuxedos behind them (outside the pic)

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Yesterday Kasper and I went to Camp Nou to see FC Barcelona play against Jerez. The top against the very last (at the moment). Today the Swedish newspapers Svenska Dagbladet and Aftonbladet celebrates Zlatan Ibrahimovic's game and writes that he was "the one behind the victory". (For you who don't know, Zlatan is a footballplayer from Sweden).

Eh, did we see the same game? Yeah if you just look at the figures (3-1, one by Zlatan and one assist) so yes, he did a good game. But the other time? He must have missed 60-70% of his passes! And two clear goal-chances? And his goal was only possible because of a super pass from Henry. Well well enough about Zlatan.

It feels great to finaly have seen a FCB match in Barcelona and the game was fun. Jerez was actually good and had many chances. It was great weather, we had hot dogs and popcorn and at the end Messi got to play some. The less plesent things were the tree guys infront of us, (they must have been what, about 17-18 years old?) who smoked both normal and funny stuff the whole game.

Zlatan fixes his hair. And a header

On our way home we bought bread; one with spinach, cheese and pine nuts and the other with tomato and cheese. At home, we made some super delicius sandwiches. Mine was with Brie cheese, Chorizo de Pavo, ruccola salad, bean sprouts and avocado:

Oh, and I got a rose from Kasper on Sant Jordi the other day :)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Internet shopping

Yesterday I did something I 2 months ago wouldn't think I'll do. I ordered some stuff from the Internet, very spontaneously and paid directly with credit card. At first, the payment didn't go through, but I ignored that sign (?) and tried again, this time with success.

It's very girly and completely unnecessary, and some of you will think it's a absolute waist of money. But I have found a new little hobby so now I'm waiting for it to arrive!
Ok, it's about nails. But not the type of nails I wrote about last time. No this time it's nice and girly. Before, I always did my nails pale, french or light light pink. But after Louise was here, I have started to find the passion for nail polish again, with bright shiny colors.
Oh don't worry, this is not going to be one more of the million make-up-and-nail-blogs, I promise. It's just that I'm very excited about the stuff I ordered, hope it's as good as it looks.

So what did I order?! Haha you will have to stick around for the package to arrive ;) Hopefully the next week.

This is what I have today

The only make-up-blog I'm following is Lindas. It's probably becasue she is so pretty and update multiple times a day (in Swedish). For those of you who are interested, here are some more beauty-blogs I have stumbled over:

Killer Colors (scroll down and watch the left side menu for more blogs)

Friday, April 23, 2010

La Diada de Sant Jordi

Today is Sant Jordi's day in Catalunya, the same as St. George or in Swedish Sankt Göran. And now you think, didn't he slayer a dragon or something? Yes he did, but he also gave a rose to the princess he saved (a rose he picked from the rose bush that grove up from the dragon's red blood) and that's what all is about St Jordi's day. The men give roses to the ladies, and the ladies give books to the men.

The book part of the story is not that romantic. There was a bookseller in 1923 that started the bookday because Shakespeare and Miguel de Cervantes died on the same day (the 23 of April) and he thought it was a good way of making money. Well he wasn't wrong; today around 20 million euros will be spent on books! Read more about the day here (in English).

A girl selling roses almost outside my house

The newspaperstand sells book today

An other thing, I saw this today while walking Charlie. NOT a job I want..

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mixed tape

Yesterday was the first day, after I started blogging, that I didn't post anything. Sorry for that. I had planed to though! I just got stuck in an other blog, the one of the Swedish Hundcoachen (The Dog coach) the whole morning, very interesting reading! Then Kasper came home and we found out that the football tickets for the FC Barcelona game on Satuday, had to be picked up 72h before the game. Stress. So we went to Diagonal Mar and FNAC to get the tickets. While in the center I had some things to return to H&M, but ended up with buying things instead.. Kasper found some shoes in Zara and we stoped by the pet shop. Oaawwwww, the puppies are SO cute. In Sweden and Denmark we don't have dogs in pet shops. Or at least I haven't seen it? You buy dogs at kennels and breeders.

Supercute puppies

Funny Diesel advertise. It says:
"SEX SELLS, unfortunately we sell jeans"

Anyway, it took almost all afternoon and when we got home we took Charlie for a long walk and Kasper did some more roller skiing (and I tried too!!). When we came back home, we remembered that we had planed to see Alice in Wonderland and hadn't yet had dinner. So we took the scooter to Cineplex in Vila Olimpica, got our tickets and had a quick dinner at Burger King (yeah I know, Burger King is not as good as McD, but we didn't have time..). What about the movie then..? Well to be honest, it wasn't that good.. Not super funny, not super thrilling, not super anything. We saw it in 3D and that wasn't super either; the glases slide of my nose all the time and afterwards our eyes hurted. And the 3D-glases' sexy-factor = 0.
So, wasted money but now we have tried it. And Johnny Depp is always nice.

Looking good and stable. NOT

Today I babysat Gabriel, and when I was finished Kasper had ran with Charlie to meet me, we then walked home together by the beach. Now we have cleaned the whole apartment, so finaly I have time for the blog :)

Kasper and Charlie walking in Parc de la Vila Olimpica

Oh, and this Thusday we had some strange weather. It started with sun and blue sky, but later some cold weird fog/mist came from the sea. At first I thought there was a fire somewhere and then the volcano-ashes came to my mind. But later, when I went down to the beach, it was just fog. As you can see, you couldn't even see the W-hotel or the teleferico-tower! And from our balcony, Montjuïc had disappeared.

The fog is coming..
And no more Montjuïc

The teleferico-tower and no W-hotel.

I hope that lot of pictures compensates for the blog-less day ;)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

How to make Españoles laugh

Well it is not that hard, the Spanish are quite a happy people. But if you want them to really laugh, like falling-of-the-bench-laugh, here is what you will have to do:

Go out and find some young people, preferable young men in a gruop. Then take a guy from Scandinavia, preferable Danish, like Kasper. And then (and this is the tricky part) take out your roller-skis. Put the Dane on the skis, and volá your Spaniards will die of laugh!

At least that's what happened yesterday. After Kasper had come home, after 2 days on the rails, he wanted to try out his new roller skis. So we went down to the beach. At first Charlie was a bit suspicious, but after some minutes he liked running next to Kasper.
Kasper has namely decided to do the Vasaloppet, which is a 90km cross-country ski-race in Sweden, held every year the first week of March. Kasper's only problem is that he has never been on cross-country skis before. So to be able to train before the race, he is now starting to go on roller skis.

For you who don't know what Vasaloppet is, here is a short history lesson (oh come on, don't stop reading just because I wrote history lesson, it's fun!):
In 1520 Gustav Vasa was escaping the Danish king Christian II on skis. He skied from Mora to Sälen (to Swedish town/villages) and therefore the race is between those cities, (although the race today is from Sälen to Mora). Some years later, Gustav Vasa became the Swedish king after having defeated Denmark and Christian II, and ever since, Sweden has been independet! Read more

So if you spot a guy in roller skis in Barcelona, it's probably Kasper. He will be the only one. At least it was the first time the guys next to us yesterday saw one.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Cursa Bombers

As I wrote in the previous post, yesterday was Cursa Bombers, or the "firefighters run". 18.000 people had signed up for running 10km on the streets of Barcelona, starting outside Parc de la Ciutadella and the Estació de Franca. They then went along the harbour, running up on Parallel, Gran Vía, Vía Laietana and ending outside the train station again.
From the beginning the run was only for firefighters (hence the name) but now everyone can sign up. Still there are firefighters running, and each year some run with all the firefighter-clothes, boots, helmets and oxygen-tanks! See the pictures.

I was there, not to run (you know me...) but to look after Gabriel while his parents ran. Together with Dina (the 4 year old girl I also babysit sometimes) and her father, the four of us saw the start and then went for coffee. Gabriels father finished first of the three, and the mothers came about an hour after the start; good lap guys!
You can't really see how crowded it was..
Firefighters. Gabriel half asleep
Dina checking the baby

"Cus tonight is gonna be a good night!"
And Dina pepping "Eva, Eva Eva" (her mother's name)

The last volcano-update:
Kasper took the train from Montpellier to Perpignan, but from there all the train were canceled into Spain. So now he is on his way to Barcelona in a taxi, together with 7 other Spainards, hopefully ariving in 20min or so. Now I am going to meet him :)